Unit History: RAF Donna Nook

RAF Donna Nook
Initially Donna Nook was used as a bombing range and relief landing ground for squadrons at Armament Practice Camp at North Coates from 1927. The bombing range included 7 1/2 miles of foreshore south of Donna Nook Beacon and out to sea to a range of 8000 yards. Large proportions of this were exposed sand and mud flats at low tide and used for bombing and gunnery targets. Practice bombing was conducted from altitudes of up to 14 000 ft. There were 5 quadrant towers along the shoreline, used to record fall of shot and bombing scores for instant relay back to North Coates Fitties for the returning aircraft.
Later Donna Nook functioned as a decoy airfield for RAF North Coates, populated with dummy Blenheims. Overcrowding at nearby RAF North Coates latger led to the site being transfered to Coastal Command to provide an overspill runway. RAF Donna Nook subsequently became home to 206 Sqn for a year.
Donna Nook closed in 1945 but reopened as a NATO bombing range and is still in regular use. It had also served as a prisoner of war camp. It is now known as the Donna Nook / East Coast bombing range

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