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Unit History: Cyprus Works Unit

Cyprus Works Unit
234 fighter Squadron deployed to Cyprus June 1955 (Nicosia) Air firing.
Akrotiri 26/3/1956 to 7/8/1956
Nicosia 27/11/1958 to 7/4/1959
C/O squadron leader Granville White
The aircraft travelled to Cyprus in stages, refuelling at Istres, Malta and El Adem (Libya).
Transit Service Flight. RAF Nicosia, Cyprus,
The Unit has 71 Royal Signals personnel employed variously in the command and training role or as Special Operators, technicians, drivers and suppliers, and 12 Royal Logistic Corps personnel employed as chefs, drivers and suppliers. All personnel work alongside members of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and members of other Army corps and regiments such as the Royal Engineers, Intelligence Corps and Adjutant General’s Corps, as well as civilian staff.
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Active From: 1955 - 1959

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