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Unit History: Cyprus District Signal Regiment

Cyprus District Signal Regiment
In 1955 the British Army withdrew entirely from Egypt and HQ Middle East Land Forces was set up in Cyprus where a struggle for power was ensuing in anticipation of self-government. EOKA, an organisation wanting union with Greece, launched a four year campaign of terror and sabotage.
1st Infantry Division Signal Regiment came to Cyprus from Egypt in 1955 to form the Cyprus District Signal Regiment, Kykko Camp West, alongside 50 Brigade.
Had a detached troop (G Troop) at Lakitamia village which was responsible for the jamming of incoming Greek radio, eg. Radio Athens, Radio Salonika. Oxi Day was something else. The regiment also had communication centre dets in Limassol, Dhekelia, Paphos & Platres.
Also sent a comms troop to Amman, Jordan with 16 Para Bde in summer 1958 to help run commcen there and Aqaba. When R Signals regts were numbered on 1 Sep 59, became 29 Signal Regt (3 GHQ became 15 Sig Regt, 2 Wrls Regt became 9 Sig Regt and is still there).
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Active From: Unknown - 1961

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