Unit History: Indepedant Parachute Brigade

Indepedant Parachute Brigade
The 1st (Polish) Independent Parachute Brigade was a parachute brigade under command of Maj.Gen. Stanislaw Sosabowski, created in Scotland in September 1941 with the exclusive mission to drop into occupied Poland in order to help liberate the country. All Polish units under British command (over 240,000 soldiers) could be sent into action at any part of the Western front. The 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade would fight for Poland on Polish territory.
The unit was eventually used during Operation Market Garden in 1944. The Poles were initially landed by glider from the 18th September, whilst due to bad weather over England, the Parachute section of the Brigade was held up, and jumped on the 21st September at Driel on the South bank of the Rhine. The Poles suffered significant casualties during the next few days of fighting, but still were able, by their presence, to cause around 2,500 German troops to be diverted to them for fear of supporting the remnants of 1st Airborne trapped over the lower Rhine in Oosterbeek

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