Unit History: RAF Fairlight

RAF Fairlight
RAF Fairlight Chain Home Low Radar Station was operational by September 1940. It was located on the north side of Fairlight Road to the west of Hastings.
week after D Day (6th June 1944) the Doodlebug or ’Diver’ campaign started and Fairlight was immediately upgraded to a reporting GCI station with the addition of Type 14, Type 24, Type 26 and an American MEW radar. A special tracking console was installed in its own building and extra accommodation was built for the new personnel which included a photographic section, ’Y’ watch (technical analysis of radio signals), controllers, filterers, CME’s (Civilian Mechanical Engineers), operators and clerks.
The whole site was surrounded by light and heavy anti-aircraft guns which were not conducive with quiet operational radar practices.
Fairlight provided low level raid cover for the south coast between Hastings and Rye. After the war, Fairlight was chosen to to participate in the ROTOR project as a Chain Home Extra Low, and the station was resited closer to the coast.

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