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Unit History: RAF Spilsby

RAF Spilsby
RAF Spilsby lies 3 miles east of Spilsby town and a few miles west of Skegness, in "Bomber County" - Lincolnshire, at Ordnance Survey National Grid reference TF 450645, Lat.53 09 45N / Long 00 10 15E, and at a height ASL of 33 feet.
The station was opened on 20 September 1943 as a satellite to East Kirkby in 5 Group, Bomber Command. Its first Commanding Officer was Group Captain W.G. Cheshire.
Its first operational unit was 207 Squadron who moved in from Langar, the main body arriving on 12 October 1943. Equipped with Lancasters, it was commanded by Wing Commander P. N. Jennings.
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Active From: 1943 - Present

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