Unit History: AFCENT (Brunssum)

AFCENT (Brunssum)
AFCENT ( Brunssum ) is located in Brunssum, Linmburg, Netherlands.
Two factors lead to the establishment of AFCENT, one was the removal of France from the military infrastructure of NATO which lead to the necessary movement of AFCENT headquarters from Fontainblea, France. Second was the closure of Limburgs coalmines due to natural gas discoveries in Grogingen, prompting the Dutch government to offer the use of the former Hendrik Mine facilites to NATO.
In 2000 AFCENT stood down and was replaced by RHQ AFNORTH based in Brunssum.
In 2004 RHQ NORTH was replaced by JFC again based at the Brunssum site.

Memories of AFCENT (Brunssum)

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

AFCENT (Brunssum), in 2010

Written by james young

loved being there club was great,jumping off point for rest of continent many friends .
cyprus lived there 5yrs when trouble was on 1son 1daughter born there sea sand lovely.

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