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Unit History: Commonwealth Brigade

Commonwealth Brigade
The 27th British Commonwealth Brigade was formed by the armies of the British Commonwealth during the Korean War. It was assembled from the 1st Battalion of Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the 1st Battalion of The Middlesex Regiment.
On 29th August 1950, the brigade became involved in the defence of the Pusen perimeter. In September 1950, the unit recieved support from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and in December 1950, it was joined by 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry.
The brigade were at a disadvantage in Korea, however, because they had to rely on US support units. This was because it did not have the support units that were a feature of other Commonwealth units in Korea.
The 27th British Commonwealth Brigade became involved in several other campaigns during the Korean War.  These indluded the retreat from the Yalu River and the Chinese Winter Offensive.
In April 1951, the brigade completed its final action during the Battle of Kapyong. It was disbanded and replaced by a fully constitued organisation known as the 28th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade.
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Active From: 1950 - 1972

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