Unit History: Minden Battery

Minden Battery

Added on 10/06/2010

12(Minden)Bty.RA. Was part of 20 Light Regt RA. Disbanded in 1976 at Kam Tin Bks,New Territories,Hong Kong.
They joined 32 light at Bulford Bks in March 1976 and became 12 (swingfire)GW Bty RA.

Memories of Minden Battery

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Minden Battery, Devizes/Cyprus in 1974

Written by Iain McDonald

Freezing my nuts off in the middle of Salisbury Plain!! All the time thanking God for my good fortune for having the good sense to join up!!!!
Sweating my nuts off on a beach in Cyprus!! All the time ,etc.-etc...

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