Unit History: Irish Rangers

Irish Rangers
The Royal Irish Rangers 27th (Inniskilling), 83rd and 87th (abbreviated as "R IRISH") was a regular infantry regiment of the British Army.
The Royal Irish Rangers came into being on 1st July 1968 through the amalgamation of the three remaining Irish infantry regiments.
* The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
* The Royal Ulster Rifles
* The Royal Irish Fusiliers
The date was initially known as Vesting Day (and then Rangers Day), emphasising that the traditions of the old regiments were vested in the new. 1 July is also Somme Day; a preeminent day in military history for the whole island of Ireland.
Soon after creation in December 1968, and as part of a general reduction in the Army, the 3rd Battalion (former Royal Irish Fusiliers) was disbanded.
The three regiments had old and differing traditions (Rifle & Fusilier) and to avoid favouring one above another, a unique designation Rangers was adopted. The title had not existed in the British Army since 1922. The title is also used by the US Army, Canada, Ireland and Pakistan.
With the creation of the Divisions of Infantry, the Royal Irish Rangers became part of the King’s Division, along with regiments from the north of England. This continued until 1992 and Options for Change. The Ulster Defence Regiment and The Royal Irish Rangers amalgamated to form The Royal Irish Regiment.

Memories of Irish Rangers

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Royal Irish Rangers, in 1968

Fond Memories

Royal Irish Rangers, 2nd battalion in 1969

Written by noel ryan

i rember when Franco took all the workers out of Gibraltar i went to work in the bakery with noddy Myers a another ranger a tv crew filmed me working in the bakery noddy got up to some bizarre things when we were eating our meals he would attack a persons food with a fork and scatter the food all over the place i rember the last prank he did in Gibraltar before they eventually comitted him he tied the tv flex to the light above his bed and then up ended his bed then pulled the bed down pulling the light fitting out of the wall what plonker noel ryan noddys friend where is he now where ever he is i hope he is happy.

Royal Irish Rangers, 2nd battalion c. coy. in 1968

Written by noel ryan

do any one rember me noel Ryan i served in Libya in 68 69 with noddy Myers what happened to noddy Monty pat coley Tommy Gallagher David newel if any one knows any of the lads please let me know noel.

Royal Irish Rangers, in 1970

Written by john murphy

This photo taken in Hamala Camp with Rgr Chris Chivers rgr McKeown rgr Paddy Herr rgr Deegan Lcpl Givens Rgr Cooper Cpl Paddy Murray Rgr John Murphy all good mates and engoyed my time serving with them and many others in 2 Bn D Company Royal Irish Rangers

Royal Irish Rangers, in 1976

Written by raymond tweddle

my son keith james was born prem in the medical centre at little rissington on 24th sept 76. now has 2 sons of his own,Eric the medic you are a star! we often wondered how you fared in life.

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