Unit History: BMH Iserlohn

BMH Iserlohn
BMH Iserlohn was one of several BAOR (British Army Of The Rhine) army hospitals in Germany. It closed in March 1994. BMH Iserlohn was housed in Argonne Barracks which was a German Calvary and Armoured Regiment building from the 1930s. In the post World War Two years Argonne Barracks became No 6 British General Hospital in 1946.
At times patients were transferred to BMH Iserlohn by German Air Force helicopter. The photograph above shows one such German Air Force helicopter patient transfer to the BMH. The sports field at the British Military Hospital was used as the airfield and landing pad.
BMH Iserlohn was shared with Canadian Forces until 1970.
Between 1978 and 1993 BMH Iserlohn had the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) role of 31 Field Hospital in support of 1 (BR) Corps.
In 1985 BMH Iserlohn closed for six years and the building was refurbished and then opened as a modern hospital for the British Army.
During the Gulf War of 1990 to 1991 staff at BMH Iserlohn worked alongside the staff of local German hospitals and Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Force) medical staff. This was known as Operational Friendship.
On the 24 March 1994 BMH Iserlohn closed after a flag lowering ceremony and presentation of a Fahnenband.

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