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RAF Tengah
RAF Tengah was commissioned in 1939. Tengah airfield was the target of Carpet bombing when seventeen Japanese navy bombers conducted the First air raid on Singapore, shortly after the Battle of Malaya began. It was also the first airfield to be captured when Japanese forces invaded Singapore.
After the Japanese capture of Singapore, RAF Tengah came under the control of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force while the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service took over the other two RAF stations of RAF Sembawang and RAF Seletar as Singapore was split into north-south sphere of control. This effectively ensured that the Japanese Army took control of the south, including the administrative hub and population center of Singapore City, while the Japanese Navy took command of the north, which included the Royal Navy dockyard at Sembawang.
During the Malayan Emergency, it housed Avro Lincolns of the Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force which performed bombing missions on communist guerrillas. In 1954 the Royal Air Force was re-equipped with Venom FB4’s and Vampire T11’s of 60 Squadron and was joined by 14 Squadron of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. In 1958 they were joined by 45 Squadron RAF and 75 Squadron RNZAF, with Canberra B.2. The Royal Australian Air Force retained their Lincolns with No 1(B) Bomber squadron until the end of the emergency.
During the period of Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation, the RAF deployed 74 Squadron with its English Electric Lightning F6s followed by 20 Squadron and its Hawker Hunter fighter aircraft to the air base to help bolster the air defense of Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia against air incursions from P-51 Mustangs of the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU). In support of this, the base was also used by No. 15 Squadron RAF as a dispersal to rotate its Handley Page Victor B.1A bombers and crews with those based at RAF Butterworth, Malaysia, until the end of the Confrontation.

Memories of RAF Tengah

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Tengah in 1964

Written by Len Lawrence

45 Sqdn RAF Tengah 1964 to 1966 where are the three musketeers Jinx, Don and Taff, they were always at our house at 8 Keng Chin Road 31/4 milestone Bukit Timah Road. Liz and I would love to hear from ex45 Sqdn members. I have a good colour photo of the three musketeers which is a shade to big to go on this memory sight, however I can email it to anyone who gets in touch. regards len

RAF Tengah(20 Sqn) in 1965

Written by Douglas Richards

Being called shiney. Getting drunk on numerous occassions. Especially on my 21st. The nights in Buggey Street and the night in 66 when England won the world cup.
El Adem 1969 best bit was after Gaddafi took over. When we where told we where being thrown out.
RAF Stanmore/Bentley Priory. The cricket team winning the RAF 'B' Cup. The donkey derbies at Harrow rugby club. But in 70 meeting Judith Riley and enjoying most of the time until Judi war posted to RAF Episkopi.
RAF High Wycombe 71-75. Such People as Duncan, Allan Hudd, Paddy Meagher. Jane Powell. Sue Williams just a few of many. The silly w/e's in such diverse places as Sidcup and Bognor Regis. The w/e's at the home international.

RAF Tengah, in 1965

Written by Douglas Richards

Arriving in Singapore after the 31 hour flight a quick nap and out on the town for drink. Joining 20 Sqn. Bugis St. All the out of bounds areas. Meeting and working with other trades other than just clerks. My 21st when the Golf Club was in bounds for the day just fot me. Still got beer mug that the lads got me. Saturdays out swimming of shore. All of the bars and other avtivities.

RAF Tengah, in 1963

Good memories from 1963 to 1966 at RAF Tengah

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