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Unit History: Army Apprentice College Chepstow

Army Apprentice College Chepstow
The Army Apprentices College was a college system in the United Kingdom that offered military training, education and common core skills, leadership and adventurous training, character development, trade training.
On February 28, 1924 the Boy’s Technical Schools were opened by the War Office. Five years later in 1929 these schools were renamed "Army Technical Schools (Boys)." In 1947 they changed their names to being the "Army Apprentices Schools." The schools were finally renamed as the "Army Apprentices Colleges" in 1966.

Memories of Army Apprentice College Chepstow

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Army Apprentice College Chepstow in 1977

Written by Ian Shepherd

I trained here as a Marine Engineer within 'C' coy along side Plant Operator Mechanics.
A few names I recall are Eggy (nick name) and Hutchins.

, Army Apprentice College Chepstow in 1967

Written by Ian Semple

Does anybody know what happened to Valerie Thompson who worked in the N.A.A.F.I

Army Apprentice College Chepstow, in 1943

Written by Kenneth (Nobby) Copeland

Met Muriel Owen at a "Draft" farewell dance in the School Cinema. Walked her to the bus stop at the Gym Gate. Married her in April 1946. Sadly lost her after 65 happy years in Oct 2011
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