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Unit History: Br Corps Workshop REME

Br Corps Workshop REME
On 1st October 1993, 4 Armoured Workshop was reformed as 3 Battalion REME as part of the re-organisation of the REME support to 1(UK) Armoured Division.  3 Battalion REME took on the role of supporting 20 Armoured Brigade, also based in Paderborn, and other units in the Garrison.  The title ‘4 Armoured Workshop REME’ was transferred to the Close Support Company of 1 Battalion REME, Osnabruck on the same day.
On the disbandment of 1 BR Corps Troops Workshops in 1993, civilian elements of 58 Station Workshop formed 3 Garrison Workshop which became a sub-unit within 3 Battalion REME. It remains based in Bielefeld.
In 1995 3 Battalion REME moved to Barker Barracks in Paderborn.
In 1995/6 3 Battalion REME deployed Op GRAPPLE 7 (evolved into Op RESOLUTE). This was the first operational deployment of a REME Battalion.
In 1998 3 Battalion REME deployed on Op PALATINE.
2000 – 3 Battalion REME deployed on Op PALATINE and AGRICOLA. This was the first deployment of a pan-Balkans REME Battalion.
2003 – 3 Battalion REME deployed on Op TELIC 1 as the ‘Rump’ Battalion in support of JFLogC.
2006 – 3 Battalion REME deployed on Operations TELIC 8, HERRICK 4 and OCULUS as the REME ‘Operations Battalion’.
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