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Unit History: Defence Intelligence Chicksands

Defence Intelligence Chicksands
Defence Intelligence and Security Centre (DISC) is the location of the Headquarters of both the Defence College of Intelligence and the British Army Intelligence Corps. It is located in the village of Chicksands in the English county of Bedfordshire with the River Flit running through the camp.
Chicksands was the site of RAF Chicksands, an RAF signals collection station during and after World War II. The station was used by the United States Air Force from 1950 to 1995, also for signals collection, being the location for its first huge FLR-9 direction finding antenna from 1963 to 1995. The site was closed as an RAF station in 1997, then handed over to the Intelligence Corps allowing the Corps Headquarters and training delivery to re-locate from Templer Barracks in Ashford, Kent.
The Defence college of Intelligence is responsible for delivering training in intelligence and security to members of the British Armed Forces, police and other public sector staff as well as international partners. Training is delivered over three sites, Chicksands, Defence School of Language Beaconsfield and the School of Photography at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering, Cosford.
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Active From: 1936 - Present

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