Unit History: Squandron RCT

Squandron RCT
Raised in 1794 as the Royal Waggoners the Corps became the Land Transport Corps in 1855,
the Army Service Corps in 1869, the Royal Army Service Corps in 1918, and the Royal Corps of Transport in 1965.
Headquartered in Buller Barracks, Aldershot, the R.C.T. was amalgamated into the Royal Logistic Corps.
Battle Honours: Peninsular; Waterloo; Lucknow; Takus Forts; and Pekin.
The R.C.T. has five Victoria Crosses and one George Cross.
Regimental march - "Wait for the Wagon".
Squadron moved to Dortmund as a three platoon company and
was  redesignated 6 Squadron Royal Corps of Transport in 1965.
The Squadron moved into Glamorgan Barracks, Duisburg in 1967 in support of 7th Artillery Brigade
and were responsible for the resupply of Thunderbird Missile’s to 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment.

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