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Unit History: Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (JACIG)

Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (JACIG)
Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (JACIG)
implements various arms control treaties and related agreements which the UK has signed since the end of the Cold War. These include the CFE, Open Skies Treaty, CWC, the Dayton Agreement, Ottawa Landmine Convention and the 1999 Vienna Document.
JACIG’s principle responsibilities include escorting foreign teams inspecting UK forces at home and abroad, inspecting foreign military units on their own terrioty and preparing the UK armed forces to receive such inspections. The exact nature of JACIG’s inspection activities are governed by the verification and monitoring provisions of the respective agreements.
The Operations Directorate of the UK Ministry of Defence determines the number of outbound inspections and countries to be visited by JACIG.
Biological weapons
Conventional weapons
     -1990 Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty
     -1995 Dayton Agreement on Conventional Weaons
     -1992 Open Skies Agreement
Chemical weapons
Nuclear weapons
     -Arms control and disarmament.
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