Unit History: RAF Banff

RAF Banff
RAF Banff, Boyndie Airfield, opened in 1943 as a Flying Training Command Field. It had one long runway at about 2,000 feet and two shorter ones.
In September 1944, 248 Squadron RAF were transferred from England. According to one wartime reminiscence the field had not been told of the transfer and the CO of the training unit was somewhat surprised at the sudden arrival of a flight of Mosquitos. The base became RAF Banff Strike Wing, Coastal Command.
In October 1944, 143 Squadron RAF arrive with Beaufighters. The Training Command was transferred elsewhere and the station was built up by the arrival of the following squadrons:
144 Squadron RAF (Beaufighters).
235 Squadron RAF (Mosquitos ).
333 Squadron Royal Norwegian Airforce (Mosquitos). This squadron carried out reconnaissance flights over their native land.
404 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force (Beaufighters).
445 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force.
489 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force.
The main function of RAF Banff was to fly missions to attack German shipping in Norwegian waters and to attack German ground positions in Norway.

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