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Unit History: RAF Buckeburg

RAF Buckeburg
Buckeburg Air Base (German: "Heeresflugplatz Buckeburg") is located Northeast of the city of Buckeburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.
The air base was built in 1946 as RAF Buckeburg serving the headquarters of the Royal Air Force Germany in Bad Eilsen. It complemented the nearby headquarters of the British Army of the Rhine in Bad Oeynhausen. During the Berlin Airlift it was one of the numerous air fields from where supply flights to Berlin were carried out. After the building of the British Forces’ Joint Headquarters (JHQ) at Rheindahlen in 1954, the RAF closed the air base at the end of the 1950s.

Memories of RAF Buckeburg

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Buckeburg / Buckeburg Barracks. in 1954

Written by Keith Brennan.(Geordie)

I served at both the Airfield & Barracks in the town itself.1954/55 Johnie Oliphant & Bob Richardson.

RAF Buckeburg in 1954

Written by Keith Brennan.(Geordie)

Served at Airfield & Barracks,once used by the S.S.during the war,an eerie place in the centre of Buckeburg town.I was the only R.A.F.Policeman there,along with about 15 German civilians.
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Active From: 1946 - 1950

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