Unit History: Air Traffic Control Hillingdon

Air Traffic Control Hillingdon
West Drayton is an area of West London in the London Borough of Hillingdon.RAF West Drayton at West Drayton west of London was a Royal Air Force station and the main centre for military air traffic control in Britain. It was co-located with the civilian London Terminal Control Centre to provide a vital link between civil and military flying and airspace requirements.RAF West Drayton closed as an official RAF station in the mid 1990s. The area control, responsible for Air Traffic Control outside the London Terminal Control Area moved to Swanwick, Hampshire in 2002, the remaining centre being renamed the London Terminal Control Centre. RAF personnel are still based on the site, since military control functions for the eastern side of England remain.All remaining control functions, both civilian and military, are due to move to Swanwick in Nov 2007 (civil) and Jan 2008 (military), after which the West Drayton site will be sold.The site at West Drayton also contains the MT section of the Queen’s Colour Squadron, which is based nearby at RAF Uxbridge.

Memories of Air Traffic Control Hillingdon

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Air Traffic Control Hillingdon in 1961

Written by David Jones

Not strictly ATC but - in 1961, as a Leading Writer in the RN, I was posted to NATO job at CINCEASTLANT HQ at Northwood. Our accommdation was at RAF West Drayton with the RAF lads. We were bussed every day to Northwood via RAF Uxbridge to pick up the RAF NATO staff. I also remember socialising (and playing football!) with USAF personnel who were al accommodated at West Drayton Please tell me I did not dream all this?

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