Unit History: Defence School of Transport

Defence School of Transport
The Defence School of Transport can teach just about anyone to drive just about anything on wheels.
With approximately 60,000 wheeled vehicles in the British Armed Forces, of many different types, training personnel to drive them is a huge task. And with many recruits joining the Services without even a basic driving licence, that task becomes even bigger.
The school has 1,200 different vehicles, ranging from saloon cars and motorcycles to military heavy goods trucks and upto the latest armoured troop vehicles, including the mighty Mastiff.
There are a thousand staff members, including some 778 civilian (although many are ex-military) instructors providing mostly one-on-one or one-on-two driver training across 114 different types of courses, many of which run several times a year, to around 13,000 students.
On any given day there are between 1,000 and 1,200 people undergoing training. But despite these grand statistics it is the personal tailoring of the training at DST that shines out, and individuals are given as long as it takes for them to go through the required training.
The focus at DST therefore is very much on giving individuals the skills they need to be on operations, and with the British Armed Forces more mobile than ever before, and all vehicles requiring a licence to drive them, the training individuals receive at DST is vital to mission success.

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