Unit History: Freight Distribution Squadron RCT

Freight Distribution Squadron RCT
The Squadron received all its contract hired vehicles from Dawsonrentals at the begining of 1987 and by February all military vehicles had been disposed of or taken off route.
All vehicles are painted Army green but have civilian registration numbers. The prime movers have the Corps badge transfer afixt to their cab doors.
The Volvo tractors and rigids are fitted with tachographs and discs which are used on each task to collect specific detail for management information.
The complete fleet is divided into 3 distinct operations - Priority Freight Service (PFS), Military Container Service (MCS) and Ammunition Delivery. The MCS uses 3 x F10 tractors with the 63 PSK/SK trailers, the Ammunition trucks are 3 x F616 9 tonners and the PFS uses the remainder of the vehicles.
The tractor fleet is double manned in as much that it completes 2 shifts/ journeys each day and each tractor averages 3000 Km per week (150,000 KM per annum). The majority of journies involve a trailer-drop type of operation with the MCS trailers travelling through to BADE.
The total freight forecast to be moved annually by the fleet is 4300 20ft containers, 45,000 tonnes of priority stores and 700 tonnes of ammunition

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