Unit History: School of Combat Survival and Rescue

School of Combat Survival and Rescue
To prepare aircrew for such a scenario is the raison d’etre behind the RAF’s School of Combat Survival and Rescue (SCSR) based at RAF St Mawgan and responsible for all aspects of RAF aircrew survival training on land, at sea and in a peacetime or war-fighting environment. The school offers a wide variety of courses in the UK and overseas and the aim is to expose aircrew and training staff to the rigours of survival in a realistic, yet controlled, environment.
SCSR’s base-line training is an intense two-day course of theory lessons and practical exercises that introduce students to the all-embracing combat survival aspects that will become much more familiar to them in later courses. The first day of the course is spent in the lecture room, while the second day sees students introduced to the survival equipment that will be rigours of SCSR’s lecture rooms, the practical phase of the course, which covers sea survival, commences.

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