Unit History: RAF Duren

RAF Duren

Added on 24/03/2010

RAF Duren was the main esxplosive storage unit in then Western Germany.
It was a small unit with regard to personnel but covered a large area situated in the foot of the Eiffel Hills and supplied all of the RAF Germany units with their explosive stores. It closed in 1964 and was taken over by the West German armed forces

Added on 24/08/2010

RAF Duren was situated some 25 miles SW of Cologne, near the small town of Duren. It was the main explosives maintenance depot for the 2nd TAF. Constructed in the early 50"s in the centre of a vast forest. The size and site of the station was plotted, and the perimiter fences were erected as the initial operation. The various sites were then cleared, and the relevant buildings completed, and facilities installed. Great care was taken to preserve as much of the natural beauty of the inside of the camp as possible, with tree felling etc. kept to a minimum. A rail link was installed for the delivery and despatch of heavy armaments. The camp had just one road access, it was a long straight road that linked up with the existing road to Duren. The majority of the camp area was taken up by explosives area, and all that went with the inspection and storage of the same. All of the other facilites were on smaller sites grouped around the main gate. there were good sports facilities, and married quarters. It was a vast station in area, but quite small in the number of personnel there.

Added on 24/08/2010>
398 MU RAF Duren was as far as Iknow, was built in the early fifties and was probably the most modern unit in 2nd TAF. I was posted there in Sept 1955 and left inMay 1958.I was an MTD(h) and travelled all over Germany, Holland and Belgium delivering munitions of all sorts, and Oxyegen and other gases also. It was a great posting.

Added on 14/10/2010

RAF Duren was apurpose built maintenance unit for Ammunition Storage and inspection it was built between 1953/4

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