Unit History: HMS Seahawk

HMS Seahawk

Memories of HMS Seahawk

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS SeahawkAny in 1953

Written by brian carter

Anyone out there from 736 & 738 squadrons. Great to hear from you

HMS Seahawk in 1969

Written by Ruth Burns

Any members of Blake 2 mess 1969/71. Judy Woodcock, Christine (Wiggy) Bennett, Paula Starkey (ex Miss Helston 1969 I believe), Liz Rae (mess killick), Hilary (?) (MT driver) Anyone else who may choose to remember me? Does anyone remember going to Falmouth one Saturday afternoon on the bus, and being greeted by millions and millions of fruit flies or something. I believe there had been a dock strike, and tons of fruit had been sitting on the dock rotting away. The strike was settled that Saturday so they started moving the rotten fruit. During the the tim it had been on the dock. the insects had hatched. We just got the next bus back to Culdrose, and everyone was picking insects from the clothing ofcomplete strangers - the horrible things were everywhere.

HMS Seahawk, 831 Sqdn in 1961

Written by Peter Beaumont

Trying to find members of 831 Sqdn between 1958 - 1962. Do you know of any member of the sub aqua club that I was involved in. I was even involved in the dive to the Scilly Island in 1968.

HMS Seahawk, , in 1952

Written by Leading Wren Jean Clapham

collection of photo’s from Jean’ album, any one you know, be nice to put names to faces.

HMS Seahawk, Farnborough Air Show in 1968

Written by Peter Baxter

This was Farnborough 1968 - the flypast of the last squadron of Sea Vixens and Buccaneers. I was on 845 Sqn based as Culdrose (HMS Seahawk) demonstrating the Wx 5 in its commando role. My memory is of seeing the first flight in public of the vertical take-off aircraft - the Kestrel in that case not the Harrier. These aircraft were still at the trail stage.I have a B&W 8mm film now converted to dvd of the takeoff alongside of our hardstanding. The clockwork camera ran out just as the aircraft was touching down after its display! I will try to get a still from it some time.

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