Unit History: Royal Devon Yeomanry

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Royal Devon Yeomanry

The Royal Devon Yeomanry was a Yeomanry regiment of the British Army, first raised in 1794, it participated in the Boer War, World War One and World War Two and now forms a squadron of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry.
One of Devon’s oldest regiments, the Royal Devon Yeomanry was formed in 1794, and was raised by Sir Stafford Northcot Bt. of Pynes, Exeter on the 15 May that year and was first called out for service on 13 April 1795 in aid of the civil power to put down a riot at Crediton, which had been caused by the high price of bread. At this time the regiment was known as the First Troop of Devon Volunteer Cavalry and was later to become the Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry Cavalry in 1801, commanded by Col the Lord Rolle.
Between the years 1815 and 1850 the regiment was used many times in the internal security role; the last time being on 4 November 1867. The regiment remained in this form until 1920 when it was amalgamated with the Royal North Devon Hussars to become the Royal Devon Yeomanry Artillery.

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