Unit History: Military Police

Military Police
The Royal Military Police (RMP) is the branch of the British Army responsible for the policing of service personnel and providing a military police presence on service property, operations and exercises. Its members are generally known as Redcaps because they wear red-topped peaked caps or red berets. Their stable belt was red until 1992, when they were federated into the Adjutant General’s Corps and started wearing the blue and red belt adopted by the AGC. Now the RMP has reverted to the wearing of a new version of the original red belt as approved by the Army Dress Committee. Like other military police around the world, they continue to wear white webbing with barrack dress but white gaiters have not been worn since the 1960s. The regimental march of the RMP is the "The Watchtower" or "Die Wacht Turm" originally an 18th century German Army marching tune.
Principal duties of the RMP:
The provision of garrison police facilities;
Law enforcement and crime prevention; and liaison with Home Office police forces and other police forces worldwide when Army interests are involved or suspected;
Tactical military police support to the Army in all phases of military operations.
The provision of close protection worldwide to those deemed by the Ministry of Defence to warrant such.
RMP personnel are not sworn in as constables and only have police powers whilst dealing with military personnel, dependents or overseas contractors sponsored by the Army. RMP personnel do not have to be on Ministry of Defence land to exercise their authority. They also have police powers over the personnel of the other two services: the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. The Royal Navy Police and RAF Police also have reciprocal police powers over Army personnel.

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