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Unit History: RAF Rufforth

County: North Yorkshire
Location: 3 miles W of York
Airfield: Operational Bomber
Opened: 1943
Closed: 1955
Pundit Code: RU
Runways: 3 tarmac
Hangars: 1x - B1, 2x - T2
Airfield Today: Agriculture, airfield, industry
Tower Type: Bomber Satellite Watch Office, 7345/41, 13079/41
Tower: Now in use as site office

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving RAF Rufforth

"...Surface Flotilla Forward Support Unit Mossy Hill HMS Farndale HMS Keren HMS Urania H.Q.Allied Forces Southern Europe [Naples] Joint Services Command & Staff College (JSCSC) Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Armoured Corps RAF Melton Mowbray RAF Rufforth [I] Last edited by Jim Pritchard[/I] Last edited by Jim Pritchard"
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"1948 to 1950 Training at westkirby [best recruit] then to pershore not very good served at RAF Rufforth married Pauline my NAAFI girl 60yrs ago been in Australia 40yrs"
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"Just to confirm i served at RAF Rufforth, as a MT driver from around August 1957 to around March 1958. Posted to RAF Waterbeach, for the rest of service, during which i was attatched to RAF Akrotiri with 25 Sqd."
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"This is a story from WW2 involving disaster, compassion and respect. On the 1st May 1943 a Halifax V DG408 ’M’ took off from RAF Rufforth in North Yorkshire on what was described as an overland training exercise. It was crewed by eight RAF Sergeants and at about 1925 the aircraft crashed into the sea off the Brittany coast of France killing all eight men. No explanation is available as to why it was so far off course or whether it had a systems failure or was shot down One of the crewmen’s body..."
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Active From: 1943 - 1955

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