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Unit History: RAF Wilmslow

RAF Wilmslow
During the second world war, and for a time afterwards, Wilmslow was home to a large RAF camp - RAF Wilmslow. It no longer exists and since the 1980’s the site has been gradually redeveloped as housing - now known as the Summerfields area of Wilmslow, more or less a part of Dean Row.
The work on the camp commenced at the outbreak of war and it’s role was the reception, kitting-out, basic training and accommodation of 4,000 recruits. A typical recruit arrived at the camp one week into his induction and spent 8 weeks at RAF Wilmslow before being posted elsewhere. It was known as No. 4 School of Recruit Training.
It was not an airfield although there was a Spitfire on show as a gate guardian. The camp had a shooting range, a cinema - The Astra - and a large SSQ - Squadron Sick Quarters - aka a military hospital.
Many of the recruits based at RAF Wilmslow were female; i.e. WAAFs (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force - renamed WRAFs in 1949).
The camp closed in 1962.

Memories of RAF Wilmslow

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Wilmslow, in 1952

Playing table tennis in the Church Army.
Having a shelf full of pub memorabilia in hut 27.
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Active From: 1939 - 1962

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