Unit History: RAF Wilmslow

RAF Wilmslow
During the second world war, and for a time afterwards, Wilmslow was home to a large RAF camp - RAF Wilmslow. It no longer exists and since the 1980’s the site has been gradually redeveloped as housing - now known as the Summerfields area of Wilmslow, more or less a part of Dean Row.
The work on the camp commenced at the outbreak of war and it’s role was the reception, kitting-out, basic training and accommodation of 4,000 recruits. A typical recruit arrived at the camp one week into his induction and spent 8 weeks at RAF Wilmslow before being posted elsewhere. It was known as No. 4 School of Recruit Training.
It was not an airfield although there was a Spitfire on show as a gate guardian. The camp had a shooting range, a cinema - The Astra - and a large SSQ - Squadron Sick Quarters - aka a military hospital.
Many of the recruits based at RAF Wilmslow were female; i.e. WAAFs (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force - renamed WRAFs in 1949).
The camp closed in 1962.

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