Unit History: RN Air Station Dundonald

RN Air Station Dundonald
RAF Dundonald  ( also called RNAS Dundonald )was World War II RAF airfield located to the north of Dundonald. The site lies to the west of B730 between Dundonald and Drybridge. It began as a simple emergency landing ground, also known as Bogside.
At the begining the air field was owned by RAF.
Many other Squadrons and departments were attached to, or used the facilities at RAF Dundonald, with one of the more notable being the provision of aircraft to facilitate the calibration of radar, and related electronic equipment, for three Fighter Direction Tenders in the River Clyde, involving aircraft from 516 Combined Operations Squadron, 29 Squadron RAF, and 409 Squadron RCAF, which all flew from Dundonald.
Activity increased in the build-up to Operation Overlord (the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces during World War II), but the need for training then diminished, and in August 1944, a signal was received moving 516 Squadron from 26 Group Bomber Command to 44 Group Transport Command, with administration from Prestwick. This was followed by a notice to disband in December 1944, and 516 Squadron ceased to exist on December 31. The personnel were dispersed amongst other units, with the airfield being placed on care and maintenance for emergencies, or future use. It saw a brief spell of activity when used by the Royal Navy in March 1945, to test a target glider, but closed on August 1, 1945, finally returning to farmland when the Army relinquished control in 1952.

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