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Unit History: HMAS Hobart

HMAS Hobart
Hobart was a modified Leander class light cruiser and served with the Royal Australian Navy during the Second World War.
Originally built for the Royal Navy as HMS Appollo, she was obtained, commissioned and renamed in 1938.
She carried out escort duties between Australia, Singapore, Java, Ceylon and Bombay.
1940 she was involved in the evacuation of Commonwealth troops from British Somaliland after the Italien Invaision.
She participated in the Battle of the Coral Sea, as part of Port Moresby’s screening force, and was mistakenly bombed by US B-17’s.
She was struck by a torpedo in 1943, returning to service in 1944 in time to participate in the invasions of the Philippines, Borneo and Wewak.
Present in Tokyo Bay on VJ Day.
Decommissioned in 1962 and sold for scrap.
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Active From: 1938 - 1962

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