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Unit History: Royal Army Medical Corps

Royal Army Medical Corps The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) is a specialist corps in the British Army which provides medical services to all British Army personnel and their families in war and in peace. Together with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, the Royal Army Dental Corps and Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, the RAMC forms the British Army's essential Army Medical Services.

The RAMC does not carry a Regimental Colour or Queen's Colour, although it has a Regimental Flag. Nor does it have battle honours, as elements of the corps have been present in almost every single war the army has fought. Because it is not a fighting arm, under the Geneva Conventions, members of the RAMC may only use their weapons for self-defence. For this reason, there are two traditions that the RAMC perform when on parade:

Officers do not draw their swords - instead they hold their scabbard with their left hand while saluting with their right.

Other Ranks do not fix bayonets.

Unlike medical officers in some other countries, medical officers in the RAMC (and the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) do not use the "Dr" prefix, in parentheses or otherwise, but only their rank, although they may be addressed informally as "Doctor".

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Memories of Royal Army Medical Corps

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Royal Army Medical Corps Crookham Barracks in 2010

Written by Keith Mather

Queen Elizabeth Barracks was used for basic ytraining. AfterNational Service finished, I am told by an ex RSM, it was used by the Ghurkas, until it was sold for building to Taylor Woodrow I and some members of the RAMC Association Manchester Branch went to the barracks in June 2007 before the demolition, andwas given a tour of the Camp.

Royal Army Medical Corps Crookham Barracks, in 1956

Written by Graeme Wilson Webb

My greatest memories are of Meanee barracks, where I met some great mates, one of whome was Des Graves. We were in the RPs together for a short while. For some daft reason or other, we were all looking forwards to going to Suez. We were all kitted out with puttees and shorts, and looked the bees knees. For example, I can’t for the life of me, figure out why we, in the RAMC,were put on the firing range. I was given an old 303, with three rounds, each of which kicked up dust, about 30 yards in front. Brilliant days.

Royal Army Medical Corps Crookham Barracks, in 1956

Written by Derek George Smith

At last I have found some photos This the statatory memorable portrait to send home and Our squad (cant remember the number) ’D’ Company at HQ Training QE Barracks, Church Crookham. Taken about March/April 1956

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving Royal Army Medical Corps

" The above event is taking place during the weekend 3-6 February 2006 in Liverpool and it is opened to all ex members of the Royal Army Medical Corps whether you served during National Service, Regular or Territorial Army. Spouses and partners are cordially invited to attend. For further details please contact me at or"
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"George Solomou is a lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the London Irish Rifles. He is a member of Military Families Against the War. This is an edited version of the letter he is submitting to his commanding officer today. I am resigning from the Territorial Army because I believe the war in Iraq is wrong. This has not been an easy decision. I have been in the TA for five years - years in which I have learned a lot; won a humanitarian award for helping save the life..."
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"...Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Sergeant Anthony Ian D’AURIA The Queen’s Dragoon Guards Lance Sergeant Paul David FURLONG Welsh Guards Major Stuart Henry GLENN The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment Corporal Stuart John HENDERSON Royal Army Medical Corps Lieutenant John Douglas LIVESEY Welsh Guards Queen’s Commendation for Bravery (QCB) Corporal Shane Peter AVEN Royal Air Force Junior Technician Darren Keith MALLALIEU Royal Air Force Senior Aircraftman Craig McNicol..."
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"...from ramc T  to ramc  TF if any one can help can be emailed on nobbyron’ I’ll try my best, probably be wrong and someone can correct me. I think the a/c means acting i.e. Private acting Cpl. Again I think the T means Training so its Royal Army Medical Corps (Training), havent a clue about the F though! "
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"Were you an ex Royal Army Medical Corps WO or SNCO? The provisional date for 2006 Reunion is 30th April 2006. Application letters for next years dinner will be going out in the new year. To receive information your details must be on the P & P dbase. Contact me at: with address, rank and date you left the Corps. To ensure the event goes from strength to strength we need your suppory - join us and at Sandhurst and meet some of your old mates - spread the word...."
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