Unit History: WRAC

The Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC) was the corps in the British Army that female members of the British Army belonged to between 1949 and 1992.  This did not include women who were performing medical service for the Army.
It was formed in February 1949, as a successor to the Auxiliary Territorial Service. For several years, the role of the women was to perform administrative support tasks. Later on, they became attached to other corps including the Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers.
In April 1992, the WRAC was disbanded and the members were transferred into appropriate units in the army. Many women were reluctant to do this because they felt it would be harder to compete on an equal basis with men. This might have been justified because it took seven years before a woman was awarded the title of Brigadier. The organisation amalgamated into the official Adjutant General’s Corps.

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