Unit History: HMNZS Otago

Ships carrying the name HMNZS Otago are named after the Province of Otago in New Zealand, on the South Island and are normally associated with the City of Dunedin.
Was a Rothesay Class Type 12 Frigate, acquired from the Royal Navy before completion. She was launched on 11 December 1958 by Princess Margaret, and was commissioned into the Royal New Zealand Navy on 22 June 1960. The vessel become the RNZN training ship in 1981, and paid off into inactive reserve November 1983. The vessel was sold for scrap in 1987 and broken up in Auckland.
Armament consisted of 2 x 4.5-inch gun, 1 x 4 Seacat Missile Launcher, 2 x Limbo anti-submarine mortars (Replaced by MK32 Torpedo Tubes, 12 x 21-inch torpedo tubes (Later removed)

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