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Unit History: Central Medical Establishment

Central Medical Establishment

During the 1940’s the RAF Central Medical Board (RAFCMB) was established at Lahore, to conduct the medical examination and assessment of aircrew for flying fitness. Sqn Ldr WG Herald was the first President of the RAFCMB. Candidates requiring specialist opinion were referred to the MH at Lahore, as there were no specialist officers posted on the staff. Towards the end of 1941, with the increasing demands of heavy recruitment in the RAF, a Traveling Medical Board was also constituted. The board was formed at Lahore in December 1941 and commenced work in Jan 1942.
The RIAF Central Medical Board (RIAFCMB), became IAF Central Medical board (IAFCMB), in 1949 when all Royal Air Force personnel left India after Independence .
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