Unit History: RFA Ebono

RFA Ebono
built by Clyde Shipbuilding Company Port Glasgow,
Yard No 329
Launched: Tuesday, 16/10/1917
Built: 1917
Ship Type: Oiler
Propulsion: steam, triple expansion
Tonnage: 1175 tons
Length: 210.1 feet
Breadth: 34.7 feet
Draught: 15.6 feet
Last Name: EBONOL (1947)
Previous Names: ENOSHIMA MARU (1941)
Owner History:
Royal Navy
1941 Japanese Government
1945 The Admiralty
1947 Chin Ah & Co., London
1948 Yap Kah Hoe, Singapore
1949 Chin Ah Co., Singapore
1949 Great Southern S.S. Co., Hong Kong
Status: Mined & Sunk - 24/05/1950
Scuttled at Hong Kong 20/12/41, salved by Japanese and named Enoshima Maru, recovered at Batavia in 1945 and towed to Singapore. Sold for further trading and sank in bad weather 24 May 1950 when 3 miles off Sugar Loaf Island, south of Swatow. She was carrying passengers and a cargo of sugar. At the time it was reported an explosion had occured but the true cause was never established (listed by Schell as a mine laid by Chinese Nationalists). Six passengers lost their lives.

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