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Unit History: Royal Victoria Victualling Yard

Royal Victoria Victualling Yard
Naval warehouses were set up alongside the dockyard. These became the main navy victualling yard in 1742 manufacturing and storing provisions. The Royal Victoria title was added after the Queen’s visit in 1858. They closed in 1961 after which the Pepys estate was constructed on the site but some buildings of the 1780s remain. The gateway on Grove Street is decorated with ox skulls and anchors. Adjoining is the Colonnade Building and beyond this the Terrace. On the riverfront are the former rum warehouses.
Two guards stand at the large gates of the Royal Victoria Victualling Yard. After more than two centuries of producing and furnishing non-naval supplies for Royal Navy vessels, the Yard closed in 1961.

Active From: 1742 - 1961

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