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Unit History: RN Air Station Tain

RN Air Station Tain
County: Scotland
Location: 3-1/2 miles E of Tain
1941 to 1941, Fighter Sector Station with 17 Sqn Hurricanes.
1941 to 1942, 123 Sqn from Castletown.
1942 to 1942, 801 Sqn Fleet Air Arm with Sea Hurricanes.
1942 and 1942, 76 Sqn Halifaxes used the airfield for two attacks on the Tirpitz in Norway.
1942 to 1943, Coastal Command Development Unit moved here from Ballykelly.
1943 to 1946, No 1 Torpedo Refresher School (later renamed Torpedo Training Unit) training RAF and RN aircrews.
1943, Transferred to Coastal Command and used by many Sqns on recce and anti shipping patrols.
07/44 to 08/45, 86 Sqn with Liberators. 8/44 to 6/45, 311 Sqn with Liberators.

Active From: 1941 - 1946

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