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Unit History: RN Air Station Tangmere

RN Air Station Tangmere
Tangmere (RAF Tangmere), Tangmere, Sussex, England (1918-1975)
Currently  part MUSEUM
RFC training
United States Army Air Service 1918
Closed 1920 land retained
Coastal Area Storage Unit 1925
Operational 1926
Expansion construction 1937
Joined by Special Duty aircraft 1940-1944
ASR flight 5-1941 to 11-1941
Reconstruction 1941-1942 but still operational
Joined by Central Fighter Establishment 15-1-1945
Signals Group 1958
Joined by ASR helicopters 6-1961
Transport command 1-10-1963
Care & Maintenance 14-12-1970
Gliding School until 6-1975
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