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Unit History: RN Air Station Hinstock

RN Air Station Hinstock
County: Shropshire
Location: 4 miles SW of Market Drayton
Airfield: Instrument Flying Training
Opened to 37 MU from Burtonwood as 21 Satellite Landing Ground called Ollerton. Transferred to 27 MU from Shawbury.
1943 to 1946, Transferred to the Royal Navy and renamed Hinstock. Then used as a satellite to Stretton while it was rebuilt with steel track runways and reopened as HMS Godwit in 1943.
Used for instrument and blind flying training, main Sqns 758 Sqn Naval Advanced Instrument Flying School and 739 Sqn Blind Approach Devolopment Unit. Many aircraft types here including Anson, Oxford, Swordfish, Harvard, Barracuda, Firefly and Whitley. Flying transferred to Peplow when this airfield was closed.

Active From: 1941 - 1947

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