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Unit History: RN Air Station Henstridge

RN Air Station Henstridge
1943 to 1946: Airfield commissioned as HMS Dipper.
No. 2 Naval Air Fighter School, and No. 761 Sqn reformed here.
In 1944 : No. 718 Sqn reformed here with Seafires and Spitfires, moved to Ballyhalbert. Army Co-operation Training Unit.
Airfield also used by 748, 760, 794, 799, 808, 885, 886, 887, 894 and 897 Sqns.
HMS Dipper paid off in 1946 and placed under Care and Maintenance of Yeovilton.
1949 to 1952: Used by 767 Sqn Fireflies and Seafires from Yeovilton. Airfield then used by Air Whaling and Bristow helicopters.
1954 to 1957: Reopened as a satellite to Yeovilton until final Navy closure.

Active From: 1943 - 1957

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