Unit History: RFA Salvage Duke

RFA Salvage Duke
built by William Simons & Co Renfrew,
Yard No 763
Engines by William Simons & Co Renfrew
Launched: Monday, 01/11/1943
Built: 1943
Ship Type: Salvage Vessel
Propulsion: Steam triple expansion 2 x T3cy 173nhp 1500ihp 12kn 2sc
Tonnage: 1125grt 385nrt
Length: 203.8 feet
Breadth: 37.9 feet
Last Name: IMROZ (1948)
Owner History:
Royal Navy
1948 chartered TC Munakalat Vekaleti Devlet Denizyollari ve Limanlari Isletme UM, Istanbul (mng Ocean Salvage & Towage Co Ltd, London)
1952 chartered Denizcilik Bankasi TAO, Istanbul (mng Walford Lines Ltd, London)
Status: Scrapped - 3/6/1964
Caught fire in Iskenderun, Turkey after a ship she was assisting, Panamanian tanker MIRADOR (20762grt/1958) exploded. Her entire hull above the waterline was destroyed; fire extinguished by USS SOLEY; 11 people were killed.
Towed to Istanbul 1959
Machinery removed 1962 for installation in car ferry
Hull broken up at Istanbul

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