Unit History: RFA Limeleaf

RFA Limeleaf
built by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow,
Yard No 538
Launched: Saturday, 28/10/1916
Built: 1916
Ship Type: Twin screw steamship
Ships Role: Oiler
Tonnage: 7339 gross
Length: 450.6 feet
Breadth: 58.2 feet
Last Name: OGURA MARU No. 3 (1938)
Previous Names: KOYO MARU (1926) ATHERILL (1925) CALIFORNIA (1919)
Owner History:
The Shipping Controller (Lane & Macabdrew)
1919 NV Insulinde Tank Stoom, Mij., Bandoeng
1925 British Molasses Co., London
1926 United Molasses Co., London
1926 Nippon Tanker Co., Tokyo
1929 Ogura Sekiyu KK, Tokyo
Status: Torpedoed & Sunk - 23/02/1944
Was to have been p/c MASULA for British India SN Co., bought on stocks, launched as OLIGARCH. Completed as tanker LIMELEAF. O.N. 139177.
Torpedoed by USS COD about 100 miles north of Morotai, Moluccas 03.53N 129.17E

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