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Light Infantry
The Light Infantry was an infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Light Division. It was formed on 10 July 1968 by the amalgamation of the four remaining light infantry regiments of the Light Infantry Brigade:
   * Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry
   * King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
   * King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
   * Durham Light Infantry
The Light Infantry was descended from the original light troops that formed what were known as ’light companies’ of line infantry regiments and later regiments in their own right. These soldiers were trained to act independently on the battlefield, within the framework of the battle, as skirmishers. In this respect, the Light Infantry shared many characteristics with the old rifle regiments and their descendant, the Royal Green Jackets, with which the Light Infantry formed the administrative Light Division. The Light Infantry though was not a rifle regiment, and the majority of its traditions resembled those of the ordinary line infantry regiments. Prior to 1914 the various light infantry regiments wore the same scarlet and blue full dress as the line infantry, being distinguished solely by their dark green cloth helmets and bugle horn badges.
The uniforms of the Light Infantry as created in 1968 did however have much in common with those of the rifle regiments: dark (Rifle) green No 1 dress tunics, rifle green berets and stable belts and black officers’ shoes. The separate identity of the light infantry was however maintained by the retention of details such as the dark blue trousers also worn in No 1 dress and the red sashes of sergeants.

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Memories of Light Infantry

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Durham Light Infantry, Cyprus UN Tour in 1968

Written by Trevor Peart

210 years of service and many a battle. The last posting of the Faithful Durhams, always remember that year as one the saddest of my career is when we were informed that best regiment in the British Army was to be disbanded, it brought many a tear to every one in the regiment, even our CO was moved to tears, I had enjoyed my best years in Army until then,I had joined in 1966 after spending 2 years as a Junior bandsman,bugler in the 6th Battalion D.L.I. and was my county regiment,most of my family had served with the D.L.I. in most conflicts,during the first and second world wars, so it was with great sadness to realize that I would be the last of my generation to have the honor of serving in the
Durham Light Infantry, and with many good friends, whom I still have contact with today to share the good and not so good times, but to all I served with who remember me I wish them well, and those who don’t must have bad memories, here’s wishing you all well. TREVOR

Kings Shropshire Light Infantry in 2010

Malaya and Australia 1968 who was with me i the Mortar section

Kings Shropshire Light Infantry in 2010

Who were the lads who dressed as females in Australia!! to support the Vietcong thought with the Aussi exercise

Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry in 2010

Written by Levison Underwood

Looking for info Private Levison Underwood served in D.C.L.I Gravesend Barracks 1911

Light Infantry in 1970

Written by Geoff Smith

Depot Shrewsbury

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