Unit History: Northern Petroleum and Bulk Freighters Co

Northern Petroleum and Bulk Freighters Co
Built by Austin Pickersgill of Sunderland in 1964 as the wearfield for Northern Petroleum Tank SS Co Ltd and managed by Hunting & Sons Ltd ( other hunting & sons ships were avonfield, derwentfield, gretafield, teesfield, thamesfield, inverfield and dalhanna to name a few ) she changed hands to the northern petroleum & bulk freighters ltd ( same managers ) she was acquired by ben line in 1973 and re-named benhiant. In 1974 she was re-named cramond.she reverted back to benhiant in 1977. In 1978 she was sold to the dover cia nav s.a panama and re-named alexandra.she was re-named fair wind in 1980 and on 15th march 1985, she arrived at a shanghai breakers yard and was scrapped. When she was under the british flag her radio callsign was ’ gnje ’. I sailed on this vessel on two separate occasions. My first trip on her started in october of 1974.
I joined her in durban, south africa she had come from rosario/recife in brazil with a cargo of wheat destined for communist china, from durban we went strait up through the yellow sea and into the po hai sea ( briefly stopping at singapore for stores and mail ) to a small port at the bottom of the river from tientsin, i’m sure the port was called something like tsing kang, but could never find it on a map.
We anchored of for quite a while before we could berth ( there were literally dozens upon dozens of ships laying of the coast waiting to be berthed ) from china we went to hong kong and the vessel was re-named ’cramond’.

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