Unit History: H Hogarth and Sons

H Hogarth and Sons

H. Hogarth & Sons was founded by Hugh Hogarth, who was originally in partnership as a ship’s chandler. He extended the business to ship owning in 1868. His fleet of wooden sailing vessels mainly traded across the North Atlantic to Canada. His partnership with James Goodwin was dissolved in 1878. He moved his head office to Glasgow two years later and began to change the fleet over to steam vessels. The steamers were all given names with the prefix ’Baron’. The steamers were managed by the Hogarth Shipping Co. Ltd, founded in 1898, but Hogarth retained the five remaining sailing vessels under the 64th system of shares.
H. Hogarth & Sons Ltd. Ships wore the Scottish saltire at the foremast from 1918 to differentiate their vessels from those of Lloyd Austrico due to both having "Baron" as the first name of their vessels.
Hogarth’s sons entered the business in 1901 and it became known as Hugh Hogarth & Sons. The firm survived during the depression by making regular sailings with bulk cargoes to South Africa. After the Second World War the company carried sugar and motorcars and acquired bulk carriers. The fleet had been sold off by 1987 as a result of the adverse economic conditions for ship owning at this time.
The house flag of H. Hogarth & Sons, Glasgow. A rectangular flag divided vertically in blue and white with red borders at the top and bottom edge. The letters ’HH’ in blue and white are placed on the two halves of the flag. The flag is made of a wool and synthetic fibre bunting. It has a cotton hoist and is machine sewn. A rope is attached.

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