Unit History: Harrisons (Clyde)

Harrisons (Clyde)
Harrisons (Clyde) were British ship-owners from the around 1975 until the company was purchased by Seacor.NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Launched on 25th September 1968 she was built as the car carrier Volnay for Aidan Shipping Ltd of Glasgow with Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd of Glasgow as managers.
Stirling Shipping is the offshore arm of the old British shipping company Harrison’s (Clyde), and the owners of the Company are in the main Harrisons. They may even all be Harrisons, and the Harrisons live in Glasgow. It is possible that the office in Glasgow is actually part of the Harrison’s (Clyde) empire and will therefore remain open.
The house flag of Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd, Glasgow. A white swallow-tailed burgee divided vertically by three wavy lines. A red ’H’ is superimposed on the lines in imitation of a bridge across a river. The flag is made of a wool and synthetic fibre bunting. It has a cotton hoist and is machine sewn. A rope and toggle is attached. The wavy lines are said to represent the three partners who formed the company in 1956.

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