Unit History: Cunard Brocklebank

Cunard Brocklebank
In 1968 Cunard-Brocklebank Ltd was created to pool the cargo services of the two companies. In 1970 the activities of Cunard Line’s subsidiary companies (Cunard-Brocklebank, Port Line, Moss Tankers and Offshore Marine) were coordinated by the formation of Cunard Cargo Shipping Services Ltd. At this time there was still a need for cargo shipping and this company focussed on this trade. By the early 1970s container shipping was taking over the cargo business and gradually Cunard Line’s cargo subsidiares were discontinued. Cunard later sold their Ellerman interests along with Cunard-Brocklebank Ltd to Andrew Weir (Bank Line) Ltd of Glasgow in 1991. However the Cunard-Ellerman containers interests was sold to P&O in 1991.

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