Unit History: Booth Steamship Co

Booth Steamship Co
The Booth Line was founded in the 1866 as Alfred Booth & Co to operate services to Northern Brazil and the Amazon.
In 1946 the Booth Line was sold to the Vestey Group of companies and in 1975 all the group’s ships were pooled under Blue Star Ship Management Ltd and the Booth Line ceased to exist as a seperate entity.
The routes Booth Line ships sailed were:
1866-1986 Liverpool - Oporto - Lisbon - Brazil.
1867-1881 (summer only) Hamburg - Antwerp - Havre - Lisbon - Brazil.
1881-1964 Liverpool - Para (direct, passengers)
1881-1964 Hamburg - Antwerp - Havre - Lisbon - Brazil.
1881-1964 Manaos - Para - Galveston - New York.
1881-1885 London - Para (sail)

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