Unit History: Buries Markes

Buries Markes
Buries Markes ltd was founded in 1930, managing between 1932 and 1934 its first vessel, the CEDRUS (bought second hand). This chartering company situated in the heart of the London shipping market was acquired by LD in 1938 ordering the company’s first new vessel, the diesel powered LA PAMPA , at the Gothenburg, yard where LD had already launched its first two modern Procacci type vessels. The Hispanic name for this vessel symbolises via B.M. LD‘s recognition towards the Saceif, its Buenos Aires cereal subsidiary which financed the vessel. A strong recognition indeed, since up to this day all B.M. vessels carry Argentinean names.
At the beginning of the second world war, in 1940 William Doxford delivers to B.M. Two bulkers of 9,300 t dwt which will both be sunk : LA ESTANCIA in 1940 and LA CORDILLERA in 1942.Two Canadian built vessels " Fort " type are attributed to B.M. by the Ministry of War Transport (MWT) in compensation of tonnage lost. At the end of the war B.M. has only the LA PAMPA to which is added in 1947 a new William Doxford vessel, LA CORDILLERA (II) which was able to accommodate 12 passengers.

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